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Bus Schedules


Students and/or parents that need to determine eligibility or identify current bus stop locations, pickup times, and bus number, may do so by visiting MyBusStop.

How to Use My Bus Stop

  • To locate your student's bus stop location, arrival time, and bus number, type in your home address including the zip code.
    Example: 4000 Osuna Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 , a list of addresses will be presented in a dropdown menu, you can pick your address or continue entering your address.
  • Once the address is identified select the grade level of the stop you are trying to locate and select the "Go" button.
  • A list of all schools that have bus stops in the area will be presented; please note Special Needs stops will not be located in the software since these stops are specific to a students needs, if the location is eligible for transportation the word "Eligible" will be shown in the upper right corner of the tile for a specific location. 
  • Locate the school of attendance and select "Details" which will take you to information regarding the school, then select the "Show stops near me" button and bus stops near the address searched will be shown in separate tiles, select the tile with the closest stop and it will be shown on the map and other information will be shown in the tile.
  • Student Transportation Services is available to assist students and parents with any questions regarding bus transportation for the current school year.