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Dress Code

APS Dress Code:

The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education supports equitable and equal educational access and a student dress code that fosters an educational environment that values, affirms and welcomes ALL students. Dress codes shall be enforced consistently. equitably, equally, and in a manner that does not lead to differential treatment on the basis of racial identity, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, cultural or religious identity and observances, household income, body size/type or body maturity.

All students should be able to dress comfortably and the primary responsibility for a student’s dress lies with the student and the family, with the exception of schools that require a uniform. Schools shall not impose punishment related to student dress and dress code enforcement should not result in barriers to student attendance or participation, unless related to safety. Student dress choices should respect the district’s intent to sustain an inclusive community. Student attire shall not interfere with students’ health or safety, nor contribute to a hostile or intimidating learning environment. All students and staff are responsible for managing their own distractions without regulating another student’s dress.

Individual schools may adopt student uniform dress codes. If a school adopts a student uniform dress code, the school shall develop, implement and document processes used to ensure student, family, and community input and support for a student uniform dress code. Albuquerque Public Schools shall provide accommodations for families who require financial assistance with the cost of uniforms.

While each individual school may adopt its own dress code, no student in any APS setting may wear clothing that contains:

  • obscene or violent language or images
  • depictions of alcohol or drugs or other illegal item or activity
  • racist content, hate speech, profanity or pornography
  • accessories that could be considered dangerous or used as a weapon

PE Uniforms (Boys & Girls)

  • Plain White t-shirts and black shorts or CMS PE uniform
  • If warm-ups are necessary, they must be plain black and/or white
  • CMS PE uniforms are available for $20