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Contact Angela Adcox  Angela Adcox ex: 43525 8th Grade Language Arts & ESL Teacher/AVID
Contact Rebecca Ande  Rebecca Ande ex: 43581 Info Tech & 7th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Tracy Aspen All  Tracy Aspen All ex: 43517 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Contact Deborah Barreras  Deborah Barreras ex: 43524 Algebra I, Accelerated Math 7/Accelerated Math 8
Contact Dawn Barron  Dawn Barron ex: 43516 8th Grade Social Studies
Contact Jared Benavidez  Jared Benavidez ex: 43526 8th Grade Math Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Bishop  Elizabeth Bishop ex: 43558 6th Grade Social Studies & ELD Teacher
Contact Dana Brownrigg  Dana Brownrigg ex: 43580 6th & 7th Gifted ELA Teacher
Contact David Brummett  David Brummett ex: 43559 Health Education Teacher
Contact Marissa Cassidy  Marissa Cassidy ex: 43520 6th Grade Math/Accelerated Math
Contact Rachel Castle  Rachel Castle ex: 43542 Family and Consumer Sciences & Yearbook
Contact Corby Clark  Corby Clark ex: 43553 6th Grade ELA & 7th and 8th Grade Health Teacher
Contact Andrea Day  Andrea Day ex: 43517 7th Grade Math Teacher
Contact Jennifer Ek  Jennifer Ek ex: 43523 8th Grade Gifted ELA SOC Teacher
Contact Craig Gelhardt  Craig Gelhardt ex: 43560 PE Teacher
Contact Francisco Gonzales  Francisco Gonzales ex: 43519 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Contact Sarah Gunn  Sarah Gunn ex: 43540 PE Teacher
Contact Sarah Hager  Sarah Hager ex: 43548 Art Teacher
Contact Tiffany Hamel  Tiffany Hamel ex: 43527 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Contact Jacob Haner  Jacob Haner ex: 43534 PE and AVID Teacher
Contact Keith Jeneski  Keith Jeneski ex: 43582 8th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Contact Maria Killen  Maria Killen ex: 43555 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Contact Luis Loya  Luis Loya ex: 43515 Multi-Grade Level Teacher
Contact Maria Lucero  Maria Lucero ex: 43521 7th Grade Math and SS Teacher
Contact Angela Macke  Angela Macke ex: 43569 Band Director
Contact Gabrielle Montoya  Gabrielle Montoya ex: 43553 Multi-Grade Level Teacher
Contact George Navarro  George Navarro ex: 43539 7th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Christen Orchowski  Christen Orchowski ex: 43529 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Contact Monika Ortiz  Monika Ortiz ex: 43539 6th/7th Grade Social Studies Gifted Teacher/PTA President
Contact Andrew Pohl  Andrew Pohl ex: 43518 7th Grade Math
Contact Jess Popp  Jess Popp ex: 43583 8th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Anne Portman  Anne Portman ex: 43506 Professional School Counselor
Contact Michele Reeves  Michele Reeves ex: 43557 6th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher
Contact Dawn Roan  Dawn Roan ex: 43552 6th Grade Math Teacher
Contact Christopher Salas  Christopher Salas ex: 43543 6th Grade Science and Leadership Teacher
Contact Bion Shelden  Bion Shelden ex: 43551 6th Grade Math Teacher
Contact Felicia Torres  Felicia Torres ex: 43522 7th ELA/ ESL/ SS
Contact Michael Turpen  Michael Turpen ex: 43550 Multi-Grade Level Teacher
Contact Marisol Fraga  Marisol Fraga (505) 881-9227 ex: 43501 Principal
Contact Amanda St John  Amanda St John (505) 881-9227 ex: 43503 Assistant Principal
Attendance Clerk
Contact Yvette Campos  Yvette Campos ex: 43502 Principal Secretary, Book Keeper
Support Staff
Contact Tracey Hawkins  Tracey Hawkins ex: 43510 Instructional Coach
Contact Erica Pacheco  Erica Pacheco ex: 43514 Director of Special Programs
Contact Pamela J Payton  Pamela J Payton ex: 43562 OT
Contact Kimberly Stuhler  Kimberly Stuhler ex: 43509 Librarian
Educational Assistants
Contact Jeanne Adams  Jeanne Adams ex: 43515 EA
Contact April Campbell  April Campbell ex: 43537 TIPS EA
Contact Terra Cottrell  Terra Cottrell EA
Contact Camille Faucette  Camille Faucette ex: 43565 EA
Contact Florecita Hogsett  Florecita Hogsett EA
Contact Susan Macklin  Susan Macklin EA
Contact Ryan Petropoulos  Ryan Petropoulos ex: 43550 EA
Contact Benito Gonzales  Benito Gonzales Head Custodian
Contact Leonard Griego  Leonard Griego Custodian
Contact David Mitchell  David Mitchell Custodian
Contact Randy Moya  Randy Moya Custodian