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Cleveland Middle School Band Program offers a zero hour Jazz band class, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, and Symphonic Band for grades 6-8 as a year long elective.


Cleveland Middle School Chorus Program offers Beginning and Advanced Chorus for grades 6-8 as a year long elective.


Cleveland Middle School Orchestra Program offers Beginning and Advanced Orchestra for grades 6-8 as a year long elective.

Leadership/Student Council

Cleveland Student Leadership/Student Council program works to cultivate young leaders through service learning projects on campus and in the community.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

Advancement Via Individual Determination. AVID is a class for students who have future inspiration to go to college. AVID uses a variety of academic tools to prepare students for high school and College.


The Cleveland MS Leadership program is intended to develop Citizens of Character and Tomorrow’s Leaders. The program achieves this through classroom education on Leadership with hands on learning opportunities in several fun and challenging extra-curricular activities.

Information Technology 

Information Technology incorporates a variety of concepts and resources to help students grow in their understanding of todays high tech world.  Students in our classes learn to operate both to a state of the art laser cutter as well as several 3D printers. 

Media Literacy

Media literacy is the ability to identify different types of media from a wide array of sources and understand the messages they bring.

Video Education

Students record and edit the morning announcement. They improve their on-camera skills through interviews, news reports, and movie productions. They will be introduced to various forms of editing using different platforms. The class is also responsible for creating designs for the Marquee board.

Contact Information

Band Teacher

Angela Macke
Ex: 43569

Choir Teacher

Garrett Keith
Ex: 43572

Orchestra Teacher

Sigrid Karlstrom
Ex: 43572

Leadership/Student Council

  • Keith Jeneski, Teacher, Ex: 43538
  • Justin Smyth, Teacher Ex: 43516
  • Corby Clark, Avid Teacher, Ex: 43554
  • Jacob Haner, Teacher, Ex: 43534