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What is Title I?


What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that offers additional federal dollars to support schools in areas with high free and reduced lunch percentages. This is determined by the school lunch forms (Program Eligibility Forms) that are completed and submitted each year. 

Last year's lunch forms on the 80th day provide funds for the current year.

Cleveland MS qualifies for Title I funds because 50% or more of our students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

What Should Parents/Guardians Know About Title I?

All schools receiving Title I funds  have a written School Parent Involvement Policy, also called the School-Family Engagement Policy (SFEP), which outlines how the school will involve parents in their child's education. It is a policy that is developed jointly with families and educators, revised each year and distributed  annually.

The School-Family Compact describes HOW educators and parents will work together to improve student success. This compact, or agreement, is jointly developed with families and educators, revised each year and distributed annually. There is a copy of Cleveland's in each student agenda. Students, parents and staff are asked to sign this compact each year as a way to demonstrate their commitment to student success.

Copies of both these documents can be viewed and/or printed from this web page.


These documents are used throughout the school year as we work together to guide our students on their path to success. Do these documents have all that you believe is necessary? Is there something that doesn't belong? Please give us your input so that we can keep these documents relevant and useful for all involved.  

Have You Visited Our Family Resource Center?

The Family Resource Center is located in the library. There you will find: the current School-Family Engagement Policy (SFEP), the current School-Family Compact, the District Family Engagement Support Agreement, the District Family Engagement Process and Procedural Directive, 'Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet' pamphlet, the APS Title I Complaint Policy, parent comment forms, and more!

The librarian will be there to answer any questions that you may have, please come visit.

Family Engagement Notes

Instructional Council at CMS


Greetings Families,

What is Instructional Council? It is a group of individuals made up of administrators, grade level representatives, parents, department heads and more. These individuals represent the CMS community and they meet twice a month to address "issues that fall within the scope of instructional improvement...". Their goal is to improve and support teaching and learning for our students.

Brainfuse - Free online tutoring help


Brainfuse is available to all families. It offers tutoring help for all grade levels. Take a look using the link below:

Contact school Librarian for login information.


Volunteers wanted


Your first step is to complete the background check process. Just follow the link in the column to the right to submit an application. Once you receive your email verification, you will be added to our list of volunteers.

What can volunteers do at CMS? Here are a few ideas:

  • chaperone a field trip
  • work in the library
  • be a guest speaker
  • become a member of Instructional Council 
  • become a member of Watch D.O.G.S.
  • work in the school store
  • help in the classroom
  • help with a special event

CMS Volunteer forms are available in the Parent Resource Center located in the library. Get Engaged in Student Success!

School Contacts
Contact Susan Labarge  Susan Labarge ex: 43501 Principal
Contact Blasa Munoz  Blasa Munoz ex: 43507 Counselor
Contact Kimberly Stuhler  Kimberly Stuhler ex: 43525 Librarian

Cleveland Middle School Title I Compacts

Cleveland Middle School Family Engagement Policy

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